Seminar Materials

George Roman accumulated materials from seminars covering a variety of subjects, including Self-Help, Business, Public Relations, NLP, and Acting.

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Title Author
Magic Words That Grow Your Business
Handwriting Analysis Certification Home Study Course B.A. Badgett
The Official Guide to Success, Volume One Tom Hopkins
Face It J.S. Williamson
Organize Your Life & Get It Rid of Clutter A.B. Jackson
The Silva Method: Unlocking ther Genius Within R.B. Stone, PhD
The Portable Coach T.J. Leonard
Start Your Own 900/976 Company
Patricia Fripp Life at IBM, 1995 Patricia Fripp
Love Factor Inventory Ronald L. Mann, PhD
AstroDeluxe for Windows, version 2 User's Guide
Goravani Jyotish Intro Guide
Goravani Jyotish User Manual
The Cards of Your Destiny - v2 - Master Program Instruction Manual
Matrix Report Writers' User's Guide
Visual Jyotish for Windows V2.4 User's Guide
Visual Jyotish for Windows V3 User's Guide
Personality Foundation Edward V. Jones
Enjoy a Richer, Fuller Life through Personology Edward V. Jones
Adaptive Family Physiognomy Sandra L. Simmons
misc. notes & materials: handwriting analysis
Life 101/102/103 brochures
Life Organization Game
The Road Less Traveled Seminar Workbook
Personal Success Team Workbook
misc. other success/speaking/writing/marketing
What It Takes to Be a Professional Speaker
How to Start & Build a Successful Speakers' Bureau White & Walters
How to Get into Paid Speaking! M.A. Podrinsky
Living Without Limits R.J. Ringer
Instant Influence Robert Cialdini
High Impact Communication Bert Decker
Speak & Grow Rich Lillet & Dottie Waters
Paid Speaking Dottie Waters
Goals: How to Set Them, How to Reach Them Zig Ziglar
Managing Your Goals A. Mackenzie
Confident Decision Making R. Dawson
The Career-Track Collection
The Silva Method R.B. Stone
Visioneering: The Art of Power Goaling Dr. Dennis R. Deaton
Dare to Be an Inner Winner Dave Johnson
Open Your Mind & Prosper Richard Hunt
Expanded Intuition Training Thomas Condon
unmarked folder
Cash Copy Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Money Making Marketing Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Emotional Choice Metha Singleton
Connecting: Sales Rapport thru NLP
Compelling Brief Descriptions Ron Richards
Relationships That Work Metha Singleton
How People Become What They Are: Three Personality Types David Viscott
You're on the Air Brian Judd
Seling Today's Buyer Dave Beson
Seling Today's Buyer Dave Beson
Live Long and Prosper! Jerry Gillies
Developing Tools That Work, Not Frustrate Richard Flint
Option Barry Neil Kaufman
The Juiceman Jay Kordich
Getting Yourself from Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be John Hanley
The Magic of Happiness Barry Neil Kaufman
How to Turn Disgustomers in to Immediate Sales Dave Johnson
Open Your Mind to Prosperity Catherine Ponder
Career Development Sales (Series II) Mitzie Bryant
Creativity Unlimited Thomas Condon
Winning the Aging Game
How to Find a Mate Dr. Rick Kirschner
Wellness: Restore Your Vitality with Chi Kung
The Neuropsychology of Achievement
Guerrilla Marketing jay Conrad Levinson
Fusion String Technique Program for Better Vision
Stories That Change People David Gordon
Insight - The Awakening Heart John-Roger
Writing and Speaking Professionally Kathy Conrad Miller
How to Self-Publish Your Own Book: Preparation & Production Gordon Burgett
Photoreading: Personal Learning Course Paul R. Scheele
Into the Genius Zone Ed Strachar
Mega Memory Kevin Trudeau
Mega Speed Reading H.S. Berg & Kevin Trudeau
The Neuropsychology of Self-Discipline
Defend Yourself! (The 10  Master Moves to Instinctive Self-Defense)
Success and the Self-Image Zig Ziglar
Successful Self-Management Paul R. Timm
Winning at Work & at Life Allen Imbarrato
The Book of Strategy & Strategic Planning Peter Johnson
How to Master the Art of Selling Anything Tom Hopkins
Miss Phillips, You Were Wrong Peter J. Daniels
How to Become a Debt-Free Millionaire Boaz & Greta Rauchwerger
Johnson on Strategic Marketing - Book I Peter Johnson
He Who Talks First Wins Doug Gilliss & Bernard Zick
Honoring ther Self: The Psychology of Confidence & Respect Nathaniel Branden
How to Use the Power of Self-Image Psychology Mike McCaffey
The 36 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make & How to Correct Them George M. Kahn
The Art of Negotiating Gerard I. Nierenberg
Persuasion Power Skills Roger Bourgraff
Speak to Win Bert Decker
The Secrets of Power Performance Roger Dawson
Negotiating Strategies for the Real World William L. Ury
Getting to Yes: How to Negotiate Agreement without Giving In Roger Fisher & William Ury
Persuasive Platform Presentations lilly Walters
Lead the Field Earl Nightingaler
What You Are Is What You Were When . . . Morris Massel
Beyond Goals Roger Dawson
The Genius Within You Alexander Everett
The 12 Life Secrets: Yourt Ultimate Answers to Getting What You Want Robert Stuberg
Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Jack Trout & Al Ries
Sex & Spirituality Jonathan Parker
Taking Risks David Viscott
Flextactics: The New Dynamics of Goal Setting Dennis Waitley
Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun Wess Roberts
The Secret of Creating Your Future Tad James
Magical Mind, Magical Body Deepak Chopra
The Power of Desire Zack Zufelt
The Procrastination Cure Jane B. Burka & Leonora M. Yuen
See You at the Top Zig Ziglar
N.L.P.: The New Technology of Achievement
Good-Bye to Guilt Diane V. Cirincione & Gerald G. Jampolsky
Trainer's Training 1998 Rex Steven Sikes
The Best of Fripp Patricial Fripp
Deal Maker - All the Negotiating Skills & Secrets You Need Robert Lawrence Kuhn
Self-Esteem and Peak Performance Jack Canfield
Soeak Without Fear: How to Give a Speech Like a Pro Jan D'Arcy
Powerspeak Dorothty Leeds
Multiple Streams of Income Robert G. Allen
250 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Esteem Candy Semigran
The Awesome Power of Public Speaking Peter J. Daniels
Eliminate Self-Sabotage John-David Learning
Letting Go of the Past Jonathan Parker
On Becoming a Leader Bennis & Townsend
The Power of Persuasion G. Ray Funkhouser
The Psychology of High Self-Esteem Nathaniel Branden
The Heart of Business
The Heart of Business
Metaphors of Identity: Operating Metaphors & Iconic Change Charles Faulkner
Committed Relationships Seminar Arnold Parent
How to Use the Grapho-Deck (Handwriting Analysis) Bart A. Baggett & Phylllis Mattingly
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Steven R. Covey
Fripp Live - on Speaking Patricia Fripp
Personal Power Lisa Ford
Creating Teamwork Lee Shelton
A Fearbusting Workshop Susan Jefffers
Is Your Net Working? Anne Boe
The Gladed Option Meditation Program Barry Neil Kaufman
The Business of Professional Speaking Grove, Flint & Hill
Guerrilla Selling - Live! Orvel Ray Wilson
12 Money-Making Secrets of Outrageously Successful Entrepreneurs Alan & Brad Antin
Success Mastery with NLP
Leaders: The Strategies of Taking Charge
The 6 Steps to Power Thinking (Vols. 1-3) Dr. Edward de Bono
Self-Esteem: The Key to Success Jack Canfield
How to Build High Self-Esteem Jack Canfield
Powerful Sales Presentations Blair Singer
Value Guaranteed Information to Dramatically Increase Your Income and Success in Speaking
      Speakers & Seminar Marketeers Spill the Beans Pamela Yellen
      How to Make $25,000 an Hour without a Gun Dan Kennedy
      World's Most Amazing Money-Making Secrets Dan Kennedy
Build a Winning Self-Image
Vedic Astrology 1993 Conference
Successful Marriage
Making Your Relationships Work David Viscott
How to Create and Market Speaker Products
Love Is Letting Go of Fear G.G. Jampolsky
Loving Each Other Leo Buscaglia
Creative Positive Relationships Ciringone & Jampolsky
Love Leo Buscaglia
The Science of Self-Discipline Kerry L.. Johnson
Psycho-Cybernetics Maxwell Maltz
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Ted Nicholas Self-Publishing Seminar Ted Nicholas
How to Become a Mail-Order Millionaire Ted Nicholas
The I-Can Lady Mary McCulloch
Nutritionally Speaking! WABC
Net-Working for Career and Releationship Success Anne Boe
Power Tools to Increase Your Business Now! Mark S.A. Smith
Power Networking
The Sound of Rippling Water D.K. Reynolds
Guerrilla Selling in Action O.R. Wilson
Brain/Mind Expansion Intensive
Negotiate Like the Pros John Patrick Dolan
The Secrets of Power Negotiating Roger Dawson
The Power of the Enneagram: A New Technology of Self-Discovery Don Richard Riso
The Enneagram Helen Palmer
Easy in Your Harness: The Enneagram and NLP Thomas Condon
I Want to Change, but I Don't Know How Tom Rusk
Discovering Your Soul's Purpose Mark Thurston
New-Age Career Ultra-Success Seminar
Positive Attitude & Total Self-Help
Soul Life Thomas Moore
The Silva Master Mind Seminar Tag Powell
Getting Things Done Ed Bliss
Money & Success: How to Achieve Them L. Ron Hubbard
Living Health (7) tapes & others
Insight Training Seminars (13) tapes & others
misc. - (15) tapes in unmarked vinyl folder
misc - (16) tapes in unmarked vinyl folder
Insight System for Planning Your Time and Your Life Charles R. Hobbs
Core Passion: The Magic of Discovering Your Personal Mission James W. Huber
The Technology of Winning: Ten Qualities of a Total Winner Dennis Waitley
The Road Less Traveled (book-on-tape, read by author) M. Scott Peck
Marketing Strategy Wharton
Managing Accelerated Productivity
The Zen of Hype: An Insider's Guide to the Publicity Game Raleigh Pinsley
The Book on Strategic Career Planning Peter Johnson
Face It! What You See Is What You Get John S. Williamson
The One-Minute Sales Person S. Johnson & L. Wilson
Secretsw of Captivating Sales Presentations D. Moine & K. Lloyd
The Master Course in Copywriting Bob Serling
How to develop your professional speaking business S. McKain & B. Plumb
Everytthing . . . Being Booked by Speakedrs Bureaus . . . Afraid to Ask Dottie Walters
Book It 1: Advanced Strategies for Building Your Speaking Business Thomas J. Winninger
Book It 2: Developing and Marketing Products Thomas J. Winninger
The AdPower Clinic Action Guide Drew Eric Whitman
Success Trap Stan J. Katz
Selling Your Book to General and Niche Markets Gordon Burgett
How to Write a Screenplay in the '90s Syd Field
The Keys to Option Mentoring Barry Neil Kaufman
Adventures in Gremlin Training Richard D. Carson
Live Is Time - Make It Count! Sue Pistone
Mind Access: Beyond the Psychology of Persuasion Kevin Hogan
Become a Certified Consumer Credit Consultant
Power Tools to Increase Your Business Now Mark S. A. Smithy
The Self-Esteem Tapes James Rosen
An Introduction to Univ ersal Principles Arnold Patent
box set - four volumes - incomplete
Learning Breakthroughs Eric Jensen
An Introduction to Advanced Learning Eric Jensen
The Lazaris Material: Busting and Building Ego
Perfect Nutrition Don Cestone
Secrets to Successful Living Glen Dunning
Secrets to Successful Living Glen Dunning
The Best of CareerTrack - Volume III
The Mountain Flows; the River Sits David K. Reynolds
The Ecstasy of Peace Brother Charles
The Broyles Top Producer Sales System
The A Book (Seminar supplement) Reese & Bagley
Top Producer Daily Action Planner
How to Winf Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie
How to Winf Friends & Influence People Dale Carnegie
Secrets of Power Negotiating
Negotiate Like the Pros / Confident Decision-Making / The Path of Least Resistance
Sedona Az Psychic Seminar
(58) individual Personology cassettes
Dynamic of Personal Goal Setting - Personal Success Planner
Mastering The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense - seminar course
Potential Unlimited - Stomach Problems (1982)
Potential Unlimited - Migraine (1982)
Potential Unlimited - Concentration (1981)
Potential Unlimited - Psychic Protection (1982)
How to handle Criticism (1982)
Money / Prosperity (1981)
Hypnosis & Smoking
Abortion (1981)
Psychic Protection (Be Positive) (1982)
Astral Projection (1981)
Triple Your Income As a Speaker-Author-Consultant Zick & Walters
Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
How to Build Your Speaking & Writing Empire Mark Victor Hanson
Make More Money Now (audio)
Make More Money Now (video)
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Steven R. Covey
Peak Performance Charles Garfield
Resurfacing: Techniques for Exploring Consciousness Harry Palmer
Bootcamp for Startups
Networking  Success Anne Roe
Brian Tracy Learning Systems - The Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement Brian Tracy Learning Systems
No-Frills Booking Mary McKay
Mail-Order Millionaire Melvin Powers
The Ecstasy of Peace
The Greatest Advertising Secrets of All Time Carl Gialetti
How to Think Like a C.E.O. B.A. Benting
Hypnotism Workshop Self-Development Research
How to Create & Market Speaker Products Dottie Walters & Mike Ferry
Photoreading Playbook Paul R. Scheele
various intention-training articles various
How to Start a Successful Metaphysical Career Home-Study Course - Source Book Dick Sutphen
How to Start a Successful Metaphysical Career Home-Study Course - Source Book (text only) Dick Sutphen
Millionaire Mind-Set Dick Sutphen
Hypnotic Regression Therapy - Regression Hypnosis Training Dick Sutphen