During the years 1997–2001, George Roman produced episodes of his television show The Beverly Hills Love Guru, in which he discussed subjects such as love, relationships, personology, success, vedic astrology, and self-improvement from his particularly-informed and empassioned perspective.

 We are proud to offer DVDs of George Ronan's self-produced television presentations and his appearances as a speaker on the subjects of Personology, Vedic Astrology, and Love and Romance. They have been re-mastered with new titles and theme nusic.

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Volume One

Biorhythms: Your Personal Cycles
George describes personal cycles which influence personality and physical, emotional and mental compatibility with others.

Compatibility: Fulfilling Relationships
George explains how compatibility with one’s partner is fundamental, and that it cannot be forced nor cultivated.

Hot Tips for Hot Dates
George imparts frank and direct advice on dealing with first dates. (Rule Number One: Make the date about the other person!)


Volume Two

George on the importance of finding one’s destiny and duty to society, thereby making for a successful and fulfilling life.

Looking into Your Future & Predicting Your Future
George shares his insights and techniques regarding astrological and psychic divination applied to bettering others’ lives.

Mastering Your Mind
George outlines basic principles for aligning one’s thoughts and perceptions with the ideals of success, happiness, and love.


Volume Three

Personology: Scientific Face-Reading
George speaking on the theories of the correlaiotn of facial structure and intrinsic behavior and character.

What Does Your Face Say About You?
George goes into further detail on facial characteristics and matters of personality and interpersonal compatibility.

Personology: Face reading for Relationship and Business/Career Success & Personology: Your Key to Career and Relationship Success
Promotional demonstration videos.


Volume Four

Life Purpose: Discovering Your Destiny
"What is your destiny? Your destiny is the sum total of your actions, your thoughts, your behaviors, and your feelings . . .”

Mastering Destiny
George suggests reconciling the ideas of predestination (fate) versus free will in seeking an optimal purpose in life.

Directing Your Destiny
An episode of George’s previous TV show, George Roman Presents, describing how it is that people direct or misdirect their lives.